Capitalism and Cancer – Blog Post 0019

No one ever complains about having too much money. There is an asymmetry there. But why does that asymmetry exist? It is because money represents resources that one has extracted, and to extract anything requires energy. Energy is expensive from a metabolic standpoint. This is to say that it is much easier to do nothing than to do something. We constantly spend energy to acquire the resources we need to live and function within the world. And under our current socioeconomic framework, the products of that energy get stored as money or money derivatives (assets).

Our current socioeconomic framework encourages extraction of resources for personal consumption and/or hoarding. But most resources are finite and the replacement rate for those resources is often much lower than the rate at which we are consuming those resources. If you extrapolate this function into the future, you realize that we are headed for socioeconomic and environmental collapse.

The function that we currently use (capitalism with government granted monopolies) is not dissimilar from the function that cancer uses. Cancer siphons energy and nutrients from an organism until that organism has nothing left to give, at which point the organism dies. This inevitably kills the cancer as there is nothing left for it to extract or feed on. Such a pure parasitic relationship always ends in the demise of both parties involved; parasite and host.

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