Minority Opinion

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Just because your opinion or view is in the minority, doesn’t mean its wrong or that you’re insane. In fact, most people have no opinions or views of their own. They simply regurgitate what their respective authorities have told them and indoctrinated into them. They have outsourced the process of thinking to others because it saves them a huge amount of time and energy.

Thinking is costly in many ways. For one, it requires a lot of metabolic energy; energy that many people choose to instead spend consuming material resources they don’t need or watching media that dulls their brains. But most importantly, thinking can get you into a lot of trouble when the conclusions that you reach are inconsistent with and potentially threatening to the ideologies of those who are in charge and hold power. This is partly why most educational systems don’t teach you how to think but instead teach you how to memorize and follow an orderly schedule. No one likes a know it all who constantly interrupts (questions) the teacher (authority) and the content (propaganda) being presented.

The downside of any democracy is that people are allowed to vote and voice their opinions on matters that they are almost completely ignorant about. And the stupider the populace, the easier they are herded and manipulated into voting against their long term interests. Everyone has opinions but not all opinions are made equal since most people lack the knowledge or experience to make their opinion an informed one.